Meizu Wallpapers

Download 3D & live wallpapers to your Meizu smartphone in HD and 4K. Whether you have a Meizu PRO, M, or Note Series, explore our wallpaper collection and add it to your phone’s home and lock screens. Or create your own Meizu wallpaper using our wallpaper maker app. Download for free!

Flash Photography World Fire Live Wallpaper
"Circuit Board Live Wallpaper: Striking High Detail"
Romantic Wooden Heart Live Wallpaper
The Joker Street Scene Live Wallpaper
Flash Photography Black-and-white Style Live Wallpaper
"Hoodie Swordsman Live Wallpaper"
"Cyberpunk Music Jam" Live Wallpaper
Burning Skull Live Wallpaper: Fiery Flames & Alternative Style for your Phone
"Cute Cat in Hoodie Live Wallpaper"
"Gohan in the Rain - Powerful Live Wallpaper"
Celestial Gohan Live Wallpaper
"Dragon Ball Goku Live Wallpaper - Blue Aura Animated Art"
Flash Photography Font Art Live Wallpaper
Head Hairstyle Eye Live Wallpaper
"Totalitarian Prison Island Live Wallpaper".
"Goku Silhouette in Animated Waterfall Live Wallpaper"
Azure Jaw Organism Live Wallpaper
Striking Spider-Man Live Wallpaper
Snowy Man Metaplasia Live Wallpaper
Itachi Uchiha Close Up Live Wallpaper
New Year Celebrations Live Wallpaper
Spider-Man Costume Live Wallpaper - Epic Concept Art Design
Soccer Game Live Wallpaper - CRT Wallpaper ®
Muscle Light Orange Live Wallpaper
Resplendent Shiva Live Wallpaper
"Mysterious Smoker Live Wallpaper"
Light Purple Font Live Wallpaper
"Energetic Anime-Influenced Live Wallpaper for iPhones."
"Sonic the Hedgehog Live Wallpaper: SFM Animation in Sots Art Style"
"Pristine Pose Live Wallpaper: Woman In White Top"
"Candle in Light Bulb Live Wallpaper"
Car Vehicle Gauge Live Wallpaper
clw_1680408832617 Live Wallpaper
clw_1680213941033 Live Wallpaper
Orange Heat Art Live Wallpaper
Vibrant Sonic the Hedgehog Live Wallpaper.
clw_1691418573280 Live Wallpaper
Miles Morales Live Wallpaper: Close-Up of Black and RedSpider-Man Armor.
Liquid Sky Mythical Creature Live Wallpaper
"Intricate Arabic Calligraphy Live Wallpaper"
Light Font Red Live Wallpaper
"Golden Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper"
"Blue Heart Rose Vector Live Wallpaper"
The Amazing Spider-Man Lives as Your Wallpaper ❤️🕸️ live wallpaper
Cloud Sky Daytime Live Wallpaper
"Mystical Dragon: Intense Live Wallpaper"
Dragon Ball Goku Blue and GOGETA Blue sparking live wallpaper
Hooded Man Surrounded by Flames - Phone Live Wallpaper.
Fire Entertainment Flame Live Wallpaper
"Dragon on Black Fire Live Wallpaper"

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