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Livewallpapers.com is a website where visitors can download static, 3D, and animated wallpapers for mobile phones that run on Android and iOS. The owner of this website is Wave Studio, the mobile app development company behind Wave Live Wallpapers, a popular live wallpapers app for mobile users with over 50 million downloads on Google Play.

We are the ones who care about your smartphone experience, always looking for new ways to personalize your Android or iPhone. After creating the 1st animated keyboard on the Google Play Store, we took it further and released Wave Live Wallpapers which is now one of the most popular apps for phone backgrounds. Through our app, we enable any phone aesthetic lover to beautify their device through various options from animated backgrounds to live wallpapers 3D and interactive, or the evergreen static image wallpapers that can also ensure amazing phone visuals.

Who are we?

Part of Wave Studio - one of the fastest-growing companies in the mobile app world - we are a bunch of creative, geeky, tech freaks and funny people. We’re so into personalization, we’ve customized our own brand descriptive word. Because we are wavesome, like everything we do! On our mission to spread good vibes, inspire people, and stimulate the senses we also designed this website. We’re here to make your phones extraordinary and showcase our Wave Live Wallpapers app with all the cool features it offers.

Besides the designer-made wallpapers displayed in our Gallery (which can also be seen in the Pick Your Live Wallpaper section), we also host a creators’ space where users can design different wallpapers, with 3D effects or even AI wallpapers. In this artsy community, new visuals come to life daily. There’s also a top-rated content category based on users’ feedback and a challenges section to show your talent. 

Diversity and freedom of expression are matters we care about at Wave Studio. We are committed to celebrating them by the nature we choose to give to our product. Wave the rainbow! It’s a start and our way to amplify the Pride Month message. Since our artworks often spark conversation, we encourage our brave users to express themselves and show their support to a community that’s still suffering due to discrimination. This is how we help normalize the subject, empowering users to make their phones statement devices, with the right pride live wallpapers which are always free to download.

We are serious about the quality of our work and are proud to say we make some of the most amazing wallpapers in the known Universe. Our designs are both good-looking, smart, and optimized for battery & CPU use—100% virus-free.

So be sure you’re in the right place to get the best phone wallpapers and animated backgrounds. Install Wave Live Wallpaper Maker 3D and have a blast!

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