Oppo Live Wallpapers

Download stunning HD and 4K backgrounds and live wallpapers on your Oppo phone and apply them on your home and lock screens. Our curated Oppo live wallpapers are compatible with popular models like the OPPO Find X5 or the OPPO Reno10 Pro. Discover immersive 3D wallpapers in our collection and create your own backgrounds with our app.

"Mystical Dragon: Intense Live Wallpaper"
Dragon Ball Goku Blue and GOGETA Blue sparking live wallpaper
Hooded Man Surrounded by Flames - Phone Live Wallpaper.
Fire Entertainment Flame Live Wallpaper
"Dragon on Black Fire Live Wallpaper"
"Goku vs Vegeta - Retro Futuristic with Neonwave Live Wallpaper"
"Tumblr Soldier Live Wallpaper"
"Cute Minion Live Wallpaper for a Cheerful Device"
Skeletal Embrace Live Wallpaper
"Vibrant Joker with Playing Cards Live Wallpaper"
Fiery Friday the 13th Horror Live Wallpaper
"Toothless Dragon Live Wallpaper: A Detailed View"
"Fiery Skull Clown Live Wallpaper"
Plant Car Vehicle Live Wallpaper
"Colorful Abstract Women by Pool Live Wallpaper"
Canyon Flames Live Wallpaper, Stunning Swirls of Fire!
Head Eye Toy Live Wallpaper
"Holding Heart Celebrations D,W Padilla by artist Live Wallpaper"
"Golden Person Radiating Live Wallpaper"
"Yinyang Martial Arts Live Wallpaper"
"Exciting Sonic the Hedgehog Live Wallpaper: Running at the Edge"
Colorful smoke cloud Live Wallpaper
"Galactic Wolf Live Wallpaper | Mesmerizing Cosmic Décor"
"Sparkling Pink Glitter Heart Live Wallpaper"
Light Bone Jaw Live Wallpaper
Dog Dog Breed Carnivore Live Wallpaper
"Rusted Car in Field Live Wallpaper"
"Parked R6 Bike- Scenic Live Wallpaper"
"Triumphant Spider-Man: 3D Render Live Wallpaper"
Plant Siberian Tiger Bengal Tiger Live Wallpaper
Intense Battle Live Wallpaper
Head Hand Eye Live Wallpaper
Head Eye Roar Live Wallpaper
"Stylish Red Heart Live Wallpaper for Phone"
[Fiery Close-up] 'Gemini Good and Evil': Live Wallpaper
Art Fictional Character Anime Live Wallpaper
Car Sky Vehicle Live Wallpaper
"Heroic Iron Man Live Wallpaper"
"Eerie Figure on a Blasted Plain" Live Wallpaper
"Fantasy Building Escape Live Wallpaper"
Fiery Tiger on Air Live Wallpaper
Flower Plant Petal Live Wallpaper
Jack Skellington Smoking Live Wallpaper
"Incredible Watch Mechanism Live Wallpaper"
Art Heat Gas Live Wallpaper
Vertebrate Mammal Fire Live Wallpaper
"Chinese Dragon Confetti: Lively Live Wallpaper"
Cartoon Art Painting Live Wallpaper
Face Font Poster Live Wallpaper
Plant Car Tree Live Wallpaper

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