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It's a good day to make your phone as jolly as you with hilarious lively background art. Looking for this type of free funny wallpapers and cool wallpapers for your device? 
Open our app and have a laugh or (if you’re hard to impress), just smile at our funny backgrounds, when you take your phone out of your bougie pocket. If we missed a few, you can upload any photo in our app, and turn it into a cool 3D or 2D funny wallpaper.
Apply your cool background anytime, but really - don’t wait up and miss all the fun. Do it today!



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Having funny wallpapers shuffling on your screen it’s a great conversation starter (doh). We noticed it makes people more comfortable with getting to know you. After all, humor is the official most loved “language” that everyone likes and knows!
Give us a follow on socials and immerse yourself into a calming rain of moving wallpapers. Explore a planet of amusing phone backgrounds into a whole universe of cool wallpapers that you’ll adore.
Share the free funny wallpapers you like with your peeps through our app and make them smile with just a few taps.

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