Magic Wallpapers

Prepare to be stunned by our fantasy wallpapers! We put our fascination for fairytales into wearable artwork for you wavesome people to be enchanted. We’ve created tons of free magic wallpapers that will give some inspiration to the kid in you. Of course, you’ll be over your head about them if you marvel at surreal designs like we do. Choose between hundreds of purple, pink, blue hues and all colors moving wallpapers and wave your wand for a magical background of your own! This means you can easily turn any photo from your phone into a magic wallpaper by adding 3D depth and maybe some sparkling touch effect if that's your preferred trick.


Most popular in Magic Wallpapers

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Set your kiddo mood with a fantasy background! Follow our socials to discover free magic wallpapers, and 3D fantasy wallpapers that will take your breath away and make your phone stand out. There are lots of customizing options for any iPhone or Android background. Get away with plenty of redeem codes from our socials, so you can go for any moving wallpapers you’ll fancy.
Say your spell and let there be a magical background on your phone today!


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