Happy Live Wallpapers

If you are happy and you know it, download a Happy wallpaper to your iPhone or Android smartphone, add it to your phone screen, and show it. Discover our cheerful phone backgrounds that express joy in 3D depth and animations that will perfectly match your mood.

Best of Happy Live Wallpapers

Scarecrow at Night Live Wallpaper
Temple Organism Art Live Wallpaper
"Burning Card Live Wallpaper: A Hyper Realistic Mashup"
Alien vs Predator in Matrix Live Wallpaper
Glowing Halloween Pumpkin Live Wallpaper
Spooky Pumpkin Candle Live Wallpaper for Phone
Edgy Masked Rebel Live Wallpaper -Free to Download
"Red Jacket Fashion Flame Live Wallpaper"
"Fly High on Skateboard Live Wallpaper"
Fearsome Fire Skull Live Wallpaper.
"Colorful Emoticons Live Wallpaper for Phone"
"Fiery Warrior Live Wallpaper"
"Coca-Cola Can Tower Live Wallpaper"
Arabic Merry Christmas Live Wallpaper: Hurufiyya Sunset
"Majestic Elephant Live Wallpaper - A Charm Wrapped Item"
"Pennywise the Clown Live Wallpaper"
Romantic "I Love You" Live Wallpaper
"Romantic Red Heart Live Wallpaper"
Autumn Scarecrow and Pumpkins Live Wallpaper
"Fury Fusion: Gohan Live Wallpaper"
Fiery Harley Davidson Ghost - Live Wallpaper
"Romantic Heart Live Wallpaper"
Petal Heart Peach Live Wallpaper
"Digital Hoods Cyber Eye Black Neon Live Wallpaper".
"Purple Heart in white spirits Live wallpaper"
Font Art Gesture Live Wallpaper
Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Goku Live Wallpaper.
Epic Naruto using Rasengan Live Wallpaper
"Vibrant Hindu Art Live Wallpaper"
"Red Glass Heart Live Wallpaper"
"Christmas Manger Scene Live Wallpaper"
Human Body Magenta Heart Live Wallpaper
"Romantic Silhouette Dance Live Wallpaper"
"Twisted Spider-Man Live Wallpaper"
"Romantic Heart Live Wallpaper - Dreamy and Playful"
"Favorite Japanese Anime "LWP for Ultimate Screen Display!"
“Fire Letter Live Wallpaper – Mystical artwork for your phone.”
Purple Electricity Line Live Wallpaper
Plant Organism Terrestrial Plant Live Wallpaper
Christmas Tree Fashion Window Live Wallpaper
Heart Stipple Live Wallpaper - Add Romance & Whimsy
Guitar Accessory Font Red Live Wallpaper
Flash Photography Cg Artwork Heat Live Wallpaper
"Ravishing Pink Heart Live Wallpaper: Love & Glitz"
Black Heart on Vibrant Background Live Wallpaper
The Joker Street Scene Live Wallpaper
Dragon Ball Epic Battle Live Wallpaper.
"Best Enjoyable Live Wallpaper for your Phone"
Lightning-infused Gohan Live Wallpaper.
Jesus Christ Live Wallpaper: Captivating Art & Animated Sensations

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