Happy Live Wallpapers

Download 3D & animated Happy phone wallpapers to your iPhone or Android smartphone in HD and 4K image quality. Discover our collection and personalize the phone backgrounds you need for your phone's home and lock screens using our wallpaper maker app. Or create your Happy-themed phone background with 3D and special effects using our tool. Download for free!

Best of Happy Live Wallpapers

Halloween Carved Pumpkin iPhone Live Wallpaper
Dark Betta Fish iPhone Live Wallpaper
Yellow Eyes iPhone Live Wallpaper
Purple Eyes iPhone Live Wallpaper
Halloween House iPhone Live Wallpaper
Neon hands Live Wallpaper
Happy Fun Snout Live Wallpaper
Bear Warrior Live Wallpaper
Sky Pink Balloon Live Wallpaper
"Demon Gohan Live Wallpaper"
Spider-Man Rain Live Wallpaper
Flaming Tale Come Alive - Live Wallpaper
"Fiery Birds Live Wallpaper: for a Touch of Fantasy"
Pink Hearts and Snapchat Screenshot Live Wallpaper
Flames of Skull Live Wallpaper
"Colorful Jesus Heart Live Wallpaper"
Jesus Holding Child Live Wallpaper
"Burning Skull Live Wallpaper: Menacing Flames in Action."
Seductive Silhouette Couple: Sunset Dancing Live Wallpaper.
"Trendy Fishtail Live Wallpaper with Red Hearts & Blue Eyes"
"Heart and Gears Metal Plate Live Wallpaper"
"Fire Ring Man Make ICE-Cold Live Wallpaper"
"Fierce warrior in Fire - Live Wallpaper"
"Intricate Gear & Zipper Detail Live Wallpaper"
Majestic Fire Live Wallpaper
Vintage Vibes Live Wallpaper featuring Two Radhas with Flowers
Cat and Moon Live Wallpaper
"Goku&Vegeta Battle Live Wallpaper"| ProvideHD iPhone/Android images.
"Dynamic Warrior and Powerful Sorcerer Live Wallpaper"
"Jesus Chalice and Little Girl Live Wallpaper"
Snowy Tree Live Wallpaper - Winter Scene with Falling Snow (Related Keywords: Live Wallpaper, Winter, Snowy Tree, Falling Snow, Phone Wallpaper)
"Teddy Bear Heart Live Wallpaper"
"Broken Pink Heart Live Wallpaper - Expressive Emotions"
"Sizzling Flame Live Wallpaper"
"Gohan from Dragon Ball Live Wallpaper: Mystique and Power"
Cozy Romance Live Wallpaper For Your Phone
"Goku-esque Swordholder Live Wallpaper"
Surrealistic Mother-and-Child Live Wallpaper
"Indian Flag Live Wallpaper"
"Red Hearts Live Wallpaper - Assamese Text and Pulsing Effect "
Outstanding Silver Heart Live Wallpaper.
"Egyptian inspired soccer football by spinellephi - Live Wallpaper"
Fiery Biker Live Wallpaper
Pennywise Attacked "LXP Boat Trip" Live Wallpaper
"Playable Live Wallpaper with Festive Snowman"
"Heart and Key Live Wallpaper: Breathtaking Gold and Red Aesthetic Mix."
"Dazzling Dragon Ball Live Wallpaper Equals Artistic Visuals"
Charming chaos inspired Live Wallpaper
"Flying Spider-Man Live Wallpaper: Anime & Furry Art"
"Express Your Love I Love You Live Wallpaper"

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