Happy Live Wallpapers

If you are happy and you know it, download a Happy wallpaper to your iPhone or Android smartphone, add it to your phone screen, and show it. Discover our cheerful phone backgrounds that express joy in 3D depth and animations that will perfectly match your mood.

Best of Happy Live Wallpapers

clw_1688290480278 Live Wallpaper
Gold Heart Frame Live Wallpaper with Emotional Picture on Warm Pink Background.
Blazing Fire Livewallpaper - Transforming Final Form for your Ideal Device
"Sacred Heart of Jesus Live Wallpaper"
Burning Cards Live Wallpaper: Spark Up Your Screen!
"Gothic silver cross Live Wallpaper"
"Cartoon Dog and Red Heart Live Wallpaper"
"Fierce Fire Mask Live Wallpaper"
Font Heart Pattern Live Wallpaper
Eerie Skeleton Scythe Live Wallpaper
Petal Pink Font Live Wallpaper
Golden Heart Love Live Wallpaper
"Observing Nature Captured Delightfully with Live Wallpaper"
Fiery Man Summoning Flames Live Wallpaper
"Holographic Heart Live Wallpaper - Romantic Experience"
Gesture People In Nature Happy Live Wallpaper
"Festive New Year Card Live Wallpaper with Ornaments and Riots"
"Fiery Book Bringing Icon Fire Refresh Fire Hawk Creation Lantern. Dual Colors" - Resume Everything Live Wallpaper
"Flaming Motorcycle Live Wallpaper"
Legendary Sandman Live Wallpaper - Epic Portrayal
"Explosive Flames Live Wallpaper"
"Red Heart with Pearls Live Wallpaper"
"Exotic Tiger & Divine Elements Live Wallpaper"
"Sultry Ghost Rider Live Wallpaper - Dare to Experience!"
Venom Face Live Wallpaper - Trendy & Edgy Design
"Vector Art King of Pirates Live Wallpaper"
"Epic Firescape Live Wallpaper Animation"
Muscle Human Entertainment Live Wallpaper
"Blue Glitter Heart Live Wallpaper": Dazzling Smartphone Glam!
Pokemon Pikachu Taking Over City Live Wallpaper
Fire Flame Art Live Wallpaper
"Frida Kahlo Inspired Live Wallpaper for mobile"
"Heart with wings live- Conveying Secrets.Life- Live Wallpaper"
Flame Fire Font Live Wallpaper
"Fiery Wolf Howling at Full Moon Live Wallpaper"
Window Font Art Live Wallpaper
Assassin's Creed White Armor Mobile Live wallpaper
clw_1693250007938 Live Wallpaper
Golden Heart On Red Background Live Wallpaper
Fiery Edgy Mask Live Wallpaper
Human Body Font Heart Live Wallpaper
"I Love You" Red Heart Live Wallpaper for Your Phone Screen
"Love Fur" Magic Heart Live Wallpaper for Phone
"Bold Green Gohan: Striking Live Wallpaper"
"Romantic Meeting: Red Rose Live Wallpaper"
Heart Lipstick: Bold and Trending Live Wallpaper
Light Cartoon Art Live Wallpaper
Orange Fire Cartoon Live Wallpaper
"Sparkling Heart Live Wallpaper with Custom Photo! 🌟"
Adventurous Fire Horse Live Wallpaper.

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