Text Live Wallpapers

Download 3D & animated Text phone wallpapers to your iPhone or Android in HD and 4K image quality.
Discover our phone backgrounds that fit your phone's home and lock screens. Cannot find what you need? Create a Text live wallpaper with 3D and animation effects with our wallpaper maker for mobile. Download for free!

Born this Way Live Wallpaper
"Spiral Design Live Wallpaper: Breathtaking Black and White Display"
Sailor Moon Neon Live Wallpaper
"Ice Roses Live Wallpaper: Marvel in the Beauty"
"Hanging Mouse Trio Live Wallpaper"
Intricate Watch Face Live Wallpaper
"Don't Tread on My Phone" Live Wallpaper
"All ove'all Sunset Live Wallpaper"
"Majestic Unicorn Live Wallpaper - Experience Magical World"
Men's Heroic Flying Animated Telephone Sticky Backed Original Vinyl Computing Multi Color Designer Octopus Inside Phone-Themed Quick Minimal Peel and Stick Dactael D-200058DXVG7 Live Wallpaper.
Romantic Sunset Live Wallpaper
Powerful Hero Live Wallpaper
Romantic Cherry Blossom Live Wallpaper
Night Ocean Cruise: Moonlight View Live Wallpaper
"Rainy Day Bears Live Wallpaper - Hugging under I Love You Umbrella"
Adorable Minnie Mouse Live Wallpaper
Fierce Warrior Live Wallpaper.
Black Bat Halloween Live Wallpaper
Beach birds and Star, Water N2528 Live Wallpaper.
"Winter Star: Spellbinding Live Wallpaper"
Heart Crown Live Wallpaper: Elegant Royal Phone Upgrade
Colorful Cartoons in Graffiti Environment - Live Wallpaper
Orange Text Screenshot Live Wallpaper
Quirky Groote with Glasses Live Wallpaper
Red & Black Web Spider-Man Live Wallpaper
Text Dance Abstract Live Wallpaper
Toei Animations Red Bag Gang Live Wallpaper
Dragon With Sword Live Wallpaper
Vibrant Abstract and Typography Live Wallpaper
"Cartoon Cat Girl Live Wallpaper"
"Vibrant Skull & Flowers Live Wallpaper"
Hugging Anime Characters Live Wallpaper.
"Dynamic Rose Colour Live Wallpaper"
Lone Warrior Standing Outdoors - Live Wallpaper
"Fiery Red Icon: Live Wallpaper by Toei Animations"
"Gorgeous Bloodbath Anime Live Wallpaper"
Charming Anime Night Breeze Live Wallpaper
"Striking Anime Collage Live Wallpaper Loves Your Phone"
Fierce Woman Gunslinger Live Wallpaper
Drawing Sketch of Luffy Live Wallpaper
Painting Text Poster Live Wallpaper
"Cute Cartoon Character Riding a Red Car Live Wallpaper"
Purple Robed Man and Serpent Live Wallpaper
Child Art Drawing Painting Live Wallpaper
Vibrant Anime Characters 'My Prince Is My Princess' Live Wallpaper
Text Light Art Live Wallpaper
"Intense Red-Haired Fighter - Live Wallpaper"
"Lively Red-Haired Spoon Eater Live Wallpaper"
"Neon Hand of Love Live Wallpaper"
"Purple Man Live Wallpaper - Toei Animations"

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