Animal Wallpapers

Pop in and say hello to fantastic #wavesome beasts: wolf wallpapers, fish wallpapers, cat wallpapers, puppy wallpapers, lion wallpapers, and all sorts of animal wallpapers looking at you from behind your screens!
Depending on your fierce mood, or of your warm and fuzzy spirit of the day, we're tempting you with a wide array of cool animal wallpapers, easy to apply and give your phone the jungle beat.

Crazy sharks are ready to break your screen, and they do! (Or they don’t? We can’t really tell!) That’s how realistic our cool animal wallpapers are. Snakes, wolves, lions, elephants, dogs, cats, birds and many more tropical animals are ready to torment your friends, with a good prank.

Wearing a cute animal wallpaper on your screen can easily start a light-hearted conversation about your favorite animal. Say with a wallpaper that cute puppy wallpapers have always won your heart. So what about you? Go ahead and choose your favorite live wallpaper for your cool phone!

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