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Having free fish wallpapers in the form of moving wallpapers, shifting slowly and peacefully on your screen is so relaxing and satisfying. It’s like having a 0 maintenance 3d aquarium backgrounds ready to entice your senses. Tumble to your favorite underwater life visuals or make your own animal background in-app right now!
Biophilia-effect suggests that because animals' behavior indicates the presence or absence of threats in the environment. Therefore interaction with a calm or friendly animal or a digital alternative - free fish wallpapers or other animal wallpapers -  may support human well-being by promoting relaxation and reducing physiological arousal.
Our free fish wallpapers are ready to host your aquarium screens. Try our app for iPhone and Android!



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Looking to pick a new fish background? Throw your fishing rod in the sea, and see what you’ll catch on your screen!
Aquarium viewing has been shown in studies to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve feelings of relaxation while lowering heart rate and muscle tension. Having a video fish wallpaper on your screen is the easiest and fastest way to boost your mood.
Choose between colorful 3d aquarium backgrounds and other relaxing underwater moving wallpapers right now!

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