Anime Live Wallpapers

Anime is a Japanese art consisting of hand-drawn and computer-generated characters and places. An anime wallpaper puts this art into a screen saver or background on your desktop or mobile device. Our anime wallpapers are for Android and iPhone home and lock screens, designed with special moving effects, cool animations, and 3D support, making our Android and iOS apps one of the best for downloading and creating Anime live wallpapers in HD and 4K screen resolution quality. Get them for free!

Cartoon Azure Art Live Wallpaper
Glowing Cute Anime Princess in White Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Eyelash Pink Live Wallpaper
Imposing Green Warrior in Neon Lines Anime Live Wallpaper
Hooded City Girl Anime at Night Live Wallpaper
Blue Eyed Princess in Azure Dress Anime Live Wallpaper
Moon World Art Live Wallpaper
Yellow Male Z Warrior Anime Live Wallpaper
Fabulous Girl in Blue Dress with Roses Anime Live Wallpaper
Male Anime Hero Poster Live Wallpaper
Romantic Couple Kiss within Flowers Anime Live Wallpaper
Boy and Girl Firy Dance Pose Anime Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Sleeve Gesture Live Wallpaper
Stunning Okaimimusume Girl with Pink Hair Anime Live Wallpaper
Kekomusume Girl Holding Glowing Orb Anime Live Wallpaper
Hairstyle Eyelash Fashion Live Wallpaper
Fairytale Anime Girl Art Live Wallpaper
Majestic Kekomusume Feline Girl Anime Live Wallpaper
Cute Girl with Azure Hair Anime Live Wallpaper
Hair Skin Hairstyle Live Wallpaper
Devilish Tough Male Anime Live Wallpaper
Black Flash Photography Eyelash Live Wallpaper
Kitsunemimi Village Couple Anime Live Wallpaper
Face Hair Skin Live Wallpaper
Sci Fi Knight Male Anime Live Wallpaper
Neon Dark Female Angel Anime Live Wallpaper
Loving Kemonomimi Girl with Hearts Live Wallpaper
Furry Humanoid Cat Anime Live Wallpaper
Head Photograph Watch Live Wallpaper
Anime Kemonomimi Girl with Eyes Closed Portrait Live Wallpaper
Purple Cartoon Pink Live Wallpaper
Hand Hairstyle Arm Live Wallpaper
Blue Azure Organism Live Wallpaper
Sky Girl with Purple Bun Hairstyle Anime Live Wallpaper
Enchanting Purplehead Girl Anime Portrait Live Wallpaper
People In Nature Plant Tree Live Wallpaper
Blonde Anime Ranger Girl Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Cool Art Live Wallpaper
Girl and Pastel Sky Globe Anime Live Wallpaper
Eye Dress Eyelash Live Wallpaper
Female Knight Angel with Laser Sword Anime Live Wallpaper
Hair Hairstyle Cartoon Live Wallpaper
Anime Female Fighter in Black with Ponytail Live Wallpaper
Blonde Anime Girl with Golden Orb Live Wallpaper
Levitating in the Clouds Kemonomimi Anime Girl Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Sleeve Cg Artwork Live Wallpaper
Light Human Cartoon Live Wallpaper
Hairstyle Fashion Black Hair Live Wallpaper
Hairstyle Fashion Black Hair Live Wallpaper
Hair Hairstyle Human Live Wallpaper

If you can't find an Anime wallpaper you like, create it on your phone with 3D and animation effects using our iOS or Android wallpaper app. You can upload pictures and videos, and generate Anime-styled wallpapers with AI within our wallpaper maker.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anime Phone Wallpapers

How do you make an anime live wallpaper on Android?

You can make any anime live wallpaper on your Android phone by downloading our Wave Live Wallpapers Maker 3D from the Play Store. Or by selecting one of our live anime wallpapers on our website that will trigger the app download. Here are the instructions to download and apply live wallpapers on Android.

How do you make an anime live wallpaper on an iPhone?

You can create an anime live wallpaper on your iPhone by downloading our AI Live Wallpapers&Backgrounds app within the App Store. Choose your favorite anime phone background from our website and follow the download instructions. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to download and install live wallpapers on an iPhone.

How to get a moving anime wallpaper?

Download our Android or iPhone app, and you can create a moving wallpaper or browse our animated anime wallpaper collection to download it on your phone.

Are these anime wallpapers free?

Yes, they are free for personal use. You will need one of our apps, depending if you’re using an iPhone or Android phone, to get the best experience. They are free to download.

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