Anime Live Wallpapers

Anime is a Japanese art consisting of hand-drawn and computer-generated characters and places. An anime wallpaper puts this art into a screen saver or background on your desktop or mobile device. Our anime wallpapers are for Android and iPhone home and lock screens, designed with special moving effects, cool animations, and 3D support, which makes our Wave Live Wallpapers app one of the best for downloading and creating Anime live wallpapers in HD and 4K screen resolution quality. Get them for free!

Hair Hairstyle Facial Expression Live Wallpaper
Cosmic Sci Fi Female Hero Anime Live Wallpaper
Black Male Boxer with Red Headband Live Wallpaper
Sleeping Girl Astronaut in Outer Space Anime Live Wallpaper
Hair Hairstyle Cartoon Live Wallpaper
Purple Cartoon Pink Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Flower Eyelash Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Azure Thigh Live Wallpaper
Hairstyle Fashion Black Hair Live Wallpaper
Male Angel in White Suit with Wings Anime Live Wallpaper
White Haired Male in White Kimono and Fiery Sword Anime Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Gesture Cg Artwork Live Wallpaper
Cosmic Kemonomimi Male with Vest Anime Live Wallpaper
Seasoned Warrior with Spiky Hairstyle Anime Live Wallpaper
Manga Inspired Fight Couple Anime Live Wallpaper
Clothing Joint White Live Wallpaper
Light Extinction Art Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Cool Art Live Wallpaper
Eyelash Human Fashion Live Wallpaper
Hair Hairstyle Eye Live Wallpaper
Cowboy Fight Pose Anime Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Organ Mammal Live Wallpaper
Enlighted Muscle Man Anime Live Wallpaper
Moon World Art Live Wallpaper
Head Eye Flower Live Wallpaper
Cute Anime Couple under Blue Vortex Live Wallpaper
Supernatural Male Warrior with Headband Anime Live Wallpaper
Floating Young Relaxed Boy in Sky Anime Live Wallpaper
Male Boxer with White Hair and Red Headband Anime Live Wallpaper
Face Flash Photography Glove Live Wallpaper
Hairstyle Mouth Eyelash Live Wallpaper
Hair Hairstyle Human Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Organ Human Live Wallpaper
Female Boxer in Fight Position with Purple Hair Live Wallpaper
Hair Head Cartoon Live Wallpaper
Mythical Creature Cartoon Art Live Wallpaper
Cg Artwork Fashion Design Art Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Mouth Black Hair Live Wallpaper
Hairstyle Fashion Black Hair Live Wallpaper
Sunlight Partners Side by Side Anime Live Wallpaper
Man with Horns and Sword Anime Live Wallpaper
Blue Haired Strong Anime Male Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Muscle Sleeve Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Pink Toy Live Wallpaper
Eye Dress Human Body Live Wallpaper
Anime White Sempai Warrior with Long Spiky Hairstyle Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Human Purple Live Wallpaper
Anime Cartoon Cover Art with Three Characters Live Wallpaper
Blue Anime Superhero Live Wallpaper
Dress Art Mythical Creature Live Wallpaper

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an anime live wallpaper on Android?

You can make any anime live wallpaper on your Android phone by downloading our Wave Live Wallpapers Maker 3D from the Play Store. Or by selecting one of our live anime wallpapers on our website that will trigger the app download. Here are the instructions to download and apply live wallpapers on Android.

How do you make an anime live wallpaper on an iPhone?

You can create an anime live wallpaper on your iPhone by downloading our AI Live Wallpapers&Backgrounds app within the App Store. Choose your favorite anime phone background from our website and follow the download instructions. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to download and install live wallpapers on an iPhone.

How to get a moving anime wallpaper?

Download our Android or iPhone app, and you can create a moving wallpaper or browse our animated anime wallpaper collection to download it on your phone.

Are these anime wallpapers free?

Yes, they are free for personal use. You will need one of our apps, depending if you’re using an iPhone or Android phone, to get the best experience. They are free to download.

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