Cartoon Live Wallpapers

Scouting out the perfect cartoon live wallpaper for your phone? Browse our collection and see which characters are worth melting for. You can share your favorite cartoon wallpaper from the community section with your friends within the Live Wallpapers App. And you can upload your own cute cartoons and apply styling elements and special effects like 3D, parallax, and moving animations.


Bold & playful yellow Live Wallpaper: Whimsical Bubbles Galore!
"Enigmatic Rain Man Live Wallpaper": Max 25 "After The Rain Clouds Live Wallpaper": Triesbable first "On we met beyond perlect Live Wallpaper': Should certain mapping determined to feasible sub-option versions defined.
Intense Super Saiyan Blue Live Wallpaper.
"Goku&Vegeta Battle Live Wallpaper"| ProvideHD iPhone/Android images.
"Dynamic Warrior and Powerful Sorcerer Live Wallpaper"
"Hanging Mouse Trio Live Wallpaper"
"Gohan from Dragon Ball Live Wallpaper: Mystique and Power"
Shiva-Inspired Live Wallpaper - Power and Beauty_combined_lvl_usr_query_combined
"Goku-esque Swordholder Live Wallpaper"
"Electric Anime Action Live Wallpaper"
"Bold Anime Live Wallpaper Featuring Dynamic Figures"
Fun Cartoon Character Live Wallpaper
"Dazzling Dragon Ball Live Wallpaper Equals Artistic Visuals"
"Fiery Gohan Anime Live Wallpaper"
Dynamic Anime Live Wallpaper: Themed Halos and Light .
"Happy Gaming Toy Figurine Live Wallpaper"
"Goku Dragon Ball live wallpaper: clear outfit & HD design"
"Dangerous Warrior Facing Raging Fire Live Wallpaper"
Facial Expression Cartoon Pink Live Wallpaper
Anime & Sots Art Live Wallpaper for Phones - Featuring Goku,Manga & Anime Landscapes!
"Baby Grooter Close-up: 4K Live Wallpaper"
Cartoon Art Cg Artwork Live Wallpaper
Snowfilled Neutral Tones - Live Winter-Themed Phone Wallpaper
"Rising Fire: A Captivating Live Wallpaper"
"Cute Snowman Live Wallpaper: Adorable Winter Art"
"Goku Anime Display: Dazzling Live Wallpaper"
"Don't Tread on My Phone" Live Wallpaper
"Spider-Man Walks: Animated Live Wallpaper!😎🎉)
"Flame Cat Live Wallpaper - Fierce Trifold Scene"
"Majestic Unicorn Live Wallpaper - Experience Magical World"
Whimsical Winged Girl Live Wallpaper - Colorful and Magical!
"Dragon Ball Goku Live Wallpaper: Stunning Anime Art design"
"Naruto Pain Joining Anime Warriors - Live Wallpaper".
"Sonic stuck Before Waterfall! Work gets Based"} Sonic the Hedgehog Live Wallpaper!
Vibrant Anime-inspired Cartoon Live Wallpaper
"Dynamic Vegeta Flying Live Wallpaper"
clw_1688290480278 Live Wallpaper
"Super Saiyan Live Wallpaper with Goku Views"
Mysterious Hat-Toting Character Live Wallpaper by Toei Animations
Men's Heroic Flying Animated Telephone Sticky Backed Original Vinyl Computing Multi Color Designer Octopus Inside Phone-Themed Quick Minimal Peel and Stick Dactael D-200058DXVG7 Live Wallpaper.
Fiery Live Wallpaper for Android and IOS Devices.
"Instant Upgrade- Goku and Vegeta Live Wallpaper"
Cartoon Human Cool Live Wallpaper
"Fierce Tiger Burn Live Wallpaper"
"Pokemon Pikachu Taking Over City Live Wallpaper"
"Blue Unicorn: Magical Live Wallpaper"
Flying Anime Hero Live Wallpaper.
Cheerful Bears Live Wallpaper
"Magical Cellular Sparks Live Wallpaper"
"Glowing Sonic Phone Live Wallpaper".

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