Minimalist Wallpapers

Browsing free minimalist wallpapers or scouting the perfect black and white wallpaper?
If you’re looking for a simple screen look, take a dive into tons of free minimalist wallpapers free to download and save them in your art wallpapers collection, in-app. 
We sometimes like a clean screen, but with a twist! An aesthetic minimalist wallpaper will make your phone look the coolest.
If you’re passionate about drawing, here you can create beautiful moving wallpapers for the love of art!


Most popular in Minimalist Wallpapers

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Maybe you like a black minimalist wallpaper or a black and white wallpaper - dive into our community where our wavesome people color outside the lines and perceive lots of cool artworks!
Into dark aesthetics? Upload the minimal design you want to wear on your phone screen, then add touch and layer effects. Your simple photos will transform into moving wallpapers, thanks to the 3D effects or other parallax layers! What will your art background be today?

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