Car Wallpapers

Looking for the best car wallpaper for your Android or iPhone? Discover free phone backgrounds with automobiles on Wave Live Wallpapers! Choose futuristic, edgy, out-of-this-world wallpapers on wheels. Our 3D backgrounds look like they’re alive, and if you touch your screen, you might just get inside a car interior! 
Maybe you’re bored of the same car wallpapers you can get with any Google search. If you want your smartphone to stand out, try these crazy backgrounds with 3D depth as you’ve never seen before, right in your pocket.


Our most downloaded car interior wallpaper has skyrocketed and still ascending in trends on socials for quite some time now. Come hang with us on socials and discover weekly backgrounds, and cool car wallpapers.
Share the 3D backgrounds you like with your peeps through our app. Download your favorite car wallpaper for your iPhone or Android right now! 

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