Black Wallpapers

Looking for a minimalist black wallpaper or a black and white wallpaper? You’ve come to the right dark-themed place! Run our app and get hundreds of free black wallpapers and 3D moving wallpapers to make your phone cooler. Because less is more, and sometimes we don’t need much happening on our screen. And we get you! 
So care to get an aesthetic screen to wear? There’s a color background you should try today!



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Explore thousands of color wallpapers from our phone backgrounds maker and create your own black wallpaper by adding layers, text, touch or parallax effects. A black and white wallpaper will always look cool, and match your outfit no matter what you wear.
Come to the dark side! We have cookies on our socials and you’ll be keen to find your longed-for black wallpaper and other 3D color wallpapers! We giveaway redeem codes on our socials, so you can pick any free black wallpapers you savor. It's always a good idea to customize your wearables to express your preferences. The good news is our phone screen art works for both iPhone and Android!

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