Blue Live Wallpapers

Choose your favorite blue-colored wallpaper for your iPhone or Android from our collection. Use Wave Live Wallpapers to edit either one of these phone backgrounds with cool effects like 3D depth and animations.  Dark blue, light blue, azure, neon blue, ultramarine - we have them all in different shapes and sizes that fit your phone screen. If you can't find the wallpaper you like, you can create one by starting with a pre-existing background or uploading an image in our app.

Mesmerizing Blue Fire Live Wallpaper
"Ocean Fish Swirl Live Wallpaper"
Gold and Luxury Circuit Live Wallpaper
"Lighthouse by the Sea Live Wallpaper"
Sweet Serenity Phone Live Wallpaper
Dragon Ball Goku Live Wallpaper
"Colorful Feather on Water Live Wallpaper"
Golden Circuit Live Wallpaper
"Cyberpunk Panda & Car Live Wallpaper: Urbane and Cute" is the perfect background
Dragon Ball Goku Live Wallpaper - Power Up with Epic Energy!
"Woman and Child in Spiritual Sky Live Wallpaper"
"Pink Cherry Blossom Tree Live Wallpaper"
"Intricately Detailed Machine Live Wallpaper"
"Electric Circuit Board - Live Wallpaper"
"Blue Flames Skeleton Knight Live Wallpaper"
City skyline Live Wallpaper - Peaceful Nighttime Scenery
Sonic Live Wallpaper: Lightning on City Street
"Mystical Lion and Cat Live Wallpaper"
Illuminated Dice Live Wallpaper
"Goku Anime Display: Dazzling Live Wallpaper"
Soothing Birdhouse: Live Wallpaper
"Cyberpunk Swordsman Live Wallpaper"
Skin Lip Eyebrow Live Wallpaper
Eyebrow Eyelash Blue Live Wallpaper
"Dragon Ball Goku Live Wallpaper: Stunning Anime Art design"
Colorful Dolphins in Coral Reef Live Wallpaper
Goku Dragon Ball Live Wallpaper.
"Gothic silver cross Live Wallpaper"
"Super Saiyan Goku Live Wallpaper: Dragon Ball Anime"
"Nature's Serene Rock - Live Wallpaper"
"Serene beach with Island Live Wallpaper"
"Blue Heart Box Live Wallpaper: Iconic Dutch Portrait Inspiration"
Electric Wolf Live Wallpaper: Majestic & Futuristic
"Blue Unicorn: Magical Live Wallpaper"
" Detailed Motherboard Live Wallpaper - Dark Theme!"
"Do wonder watching it-Quality Live Wallpapers"
"Surreal Lightning Bolt Live Wallpaper"
"Futuristic Car under Night Sky Galaxy Live Wallpaper"
Water Bird Sky Live Wallpaper
"Glowing Sonic Phone Live Wallpaper".
"Get Captivated by Hot Air Balloon Live Wallpaper"
Blue Dragon Live Wallpaper
Colorful Rocks Live Wallpaper
Edgy Masked Rebel Live Wallpaper -Free to Download
"Sonic the Hedgehog - Close-up Live Wallpaper"
"Cyberpunk Cellular Clocks Live Wallpaper"
"Blue-toned Sonic Goes Viral Live Wallpaper"
Vertebrate Blue Green Live Wallpaper
"Lion and Cub Fantasy Live Wallpaper: Bond between Parent and Child"
Flower Sky Water Live Wallpaper

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