White Wallpapers

Awaiting for the perfect white wallpaper or a minimalist black and white wallpaper? Choose free white wallpapers from our rich collection of color wallpapers or make your own super clean and simple white wallpaper. You can upload any photos and turn them into magical 3D moving wallpapers.
Feathers, sky, patterns, paint, geometric shapes - all combined delicately into the prettiest free white wallpapers for your iPhone and Android.
If you’re more into videos, search for ‘white’ moving wallpapers in our phone backgrounds maker editor and apply your fave effects!


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White symbolizes purity and innocence but also an evergreen classic style and a clear mind. We get the need to see less on your screen.
Be an active participant on our socials and nose out your instaworthy white wallpaper or bust a classy move with a black and white wallpaper. Plus, you’ll find grand 3D color wallpapers to pimp your phone out! We share a monthly redeem code on our socials, so you can have any color background you hanker for.

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