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Wondering what an interactive wallpaper is like? Explore our cool wallpapers collection! It’s easy - beside being a 3D wallpaper that moves and almost grabs you by the hand, with interactive live backgrounds, you also have to touch them, one tap or double tap and you change the animation with your finger. 
Our most downloaded free 3D wallpapers are among the coolest ones. Whether it’s a fish swimming in your aquarium screen, futuristic 3D car moving wallpapers or the new absolutely gorgeous Medusa, that changes her face when you double tap. There are more to come, so stay tuned, and try the free 3D wallpapers already available in-app, to get the magic feel of one of a kind touch.


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Still scouting for your cool background or fabulous 3D live wallpaper that will make your day shine?
Skim through (but make sure you don’t miss anything) our #3D Interactive wallpaper in-app category and find moving wallpapers and live backgrounds worthy of living on your screens.

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