Aesthetic Wallpapers

Being a bit OCD about your phone’s look is totally fine. We are too. In pursuit of the perfect free aesthetic wallpapers for your iPhone and Android? 
You’re in the best place, as our gallery is loaded with amazing phone backgrounds styles. Make your device pure art with our cute aesthetic wallpapers!
If you’re the kind of person (like we are) who enjoys living surrounded by your favorite colors, patterns, and shapes, welcome to the land of free aesthetic wallpapers, baby! Here you can dress up your phone with moving wallpapers that match your mood, space or outfit.


Most popular in Aesthetic Wallpapers

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There are plenty of cool wallpapers waiting for you right here!
Have we mentioned our cool phone backgrounds creator that can make any aesthetic wallpaper look even better by applying a 3D effect, touch and parallax layers?
Shoot us a sweet follow on socials to find a cool wallpaper that will make your phone deliciously aesthetic, with lots of lively phone screen art and cute aesthetic wallpapers.
So download our easy-to-use app and cherry-pick your cool background!


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