Parallax Live Wallpapers

Download 2D & 3D parallax wallpapers to your iPhone or Android smartphone in HD and 4K image quality. Discover our parallax phone wallpapers that perfectly match your phone's home and lock screens, or create a wallpaper with parallax effects using our wallpaper maker app. Download for free!

"Mountain Starry Night Live Wallpaper"
Human Body Font Gesture Live Wallpaper
clw_1694623522720 Live Wallpaper
"Dynamic Vegeta Flying Live Wallpaper"
"Cartoon Dog and Red Heart Live Wallpaper"
"Fiery Book Bringing Icon Fire Refresh Fire Hawk Creation Lantern. Dual Colors" - Resume Everything Live Wallpaper
"Exotic Tiger & Divine Elements Live Wallpaper"
"Futuristic Clock Tower in a City Live Wallpaper".
"Fiery Dragon Live Wallpaper for World of Warcraft Fans"
Water Bird Sky Live Wallpaper
Tennis and Transformers Aspect Phone Live Wallpaper
Gold and Red Heart M Live Wallpaper – Redefining Romance.
"Sonic the Hedgehog - Close-up Live Wallpaper"
Arabic Merry Christmas Live Wallpaper: Hurufiyya Sunset
Flower Plant Petal Live Wallpaper
Romantic Kite Flying Couple Live Wallpaper
"Experience The Marvel Universe: Live Wallpaper"
Incredible Fire Bird Live Wallpaper
"Spider-Man Live Wallpaper with Neon-Style Art"
Colorful Phoenix Live Wallpaper
"Radiant Glowing Orb Trio Live Wallpaper"
Playful Heart Live Wallpaper
Atmosphere World Building Live Wallpaper
Sleeve Organism Art Live Wallpaper
Lightning-infused Gohan Live Wallpaper.
Human Body Font Heart Live Wallpaper
Fire Flame Heat Live Wallpaper
Cyberpunk-Inspired Live Wallpaper of Hoodie Person in Neon.
Gothic Clock Rose Woman Live Wallpaper
Colorful Dragon Ball Live Wallpaper for iPhones
Christmas live wallpaper: Red glitter ornaments and baubles
Water Atmosphere Sky Live Wallpaper
Blue Sky Clouds Live Wallpaper
"Fire and Fury Goku Live Wallpaper"
Water Plant Water Resources Live Wallpaper
Smile Green Natural Environment Live Wallpaper
"Exploring the Vast: Out-of-This-World Live Wallpaper".
White Black Organism Live Wallpaper
Light Purple Water Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Dragon Ball Cg Artwork Live Wallpaper
"Colorful Liquid Macro Live Wallpaper"
Head Orange Toy Live Wallpaper
"Cyan Dragon Flying Over Water-Live Wallpaper"
"Epic Auto-Destructive Art Anime Live Wallpaper"
Wheel White Product Live Wallpaper
Traditional Tai Costume Apsaras Warrior Live Wallpaper.
World Window Sky Live Wallpaper
Bird Botany Organism Live Wallpaper
Seascape Paradise Live Wallpaper
Blue Light Purple Live Wallpaper

What is a Parallax Wallpaper?

A parallax wallpaper is an image background type that gives the image a sense of scale and 3D depth when you move your mouse or tilt your phone.

How does the parallax background work?

Mobile wallpapers with parallax effect, or parallax scrolling, move the background image within the screen when you tilt your phone. You can download a free parallax wallpaper from our collection to experience parallax scrolling.

How can I create a parallax wallpaper?

Download our iOS or Android wallpaper app, and you can find our parallax feature in the creator tool. You can upload your photo and apply parallax movement that you can add to your phone's screen.

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