Flower Wallpapers

Feeling flower-power or simply optimistic? We have a whole collection of flower wallpapers in all colors and types. Whether you’re looking for a rose background, sunflower wallpapers, tulip wallpapers, cherry blossoms wallpapers, you’re about to discover some ace designs that you can almost feel and smell.

Under the buzz of fluorescent lights or some natural sun rays, we invite you to enjoy your favorite aesthetic flower wallpaper.

And it doesn’t stop there. 
Ever thought about sharing your wallpaper with someone you care about? 
What’s a more expressive and vibrant gift than a 3D digital flower, that besides making your phones amazing, it doesn't hurt the environment?
When it comes to making a romantic gesture, find out a cool, and fresh way to say what you mean. Say it with a 3D flower wallpaper!

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