Cherry Blossom Wallpapers

The sweet smell of flowers, romance in the air and Japanese aesthetics. Ringing a bell? That’s right! Free cherry blossom wallpapers are ready to make your phone look WOW! 
If you want to give your flower background a nice twist, upload your own cherry blossom wallpaper and add touch, layers or a 3D effect to make it even better.
Share your lively phone backgrounds and flower wallpapers in-app with someone special!



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If you’re into anime art, welcome! You will love our Sakura visuals for your home screen and lock screen!
And what’s more - our phone backgrounds are trending on the Internet! Keep an eye on us on socials and come upon weekly moving wallpapers, free cherry blossom wallpapers and, yes, you guessed it - flower wallpapers that will make your phone look and almost smell amazing. We bet people will at least try to smell your phone or friendly joke about it.
So you’d better hurry up and get a glimpse of your so long craving for a cherry blossom wallpaper!

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