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What’s more romantic and practical at the same time than a rose? From our point of view, the right answer is a rose wallpaper! Find hundreds of lively phone backgrounds and free rose wallpapers by downloading our app for Android and iPhone!
Take your cherished flower wallpapers and send the right sweet message to your one, by easily saying it with a rose wallpaper!



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Get your flower background today and make someone smile!
If you follow our socials you’ll notice we say that a lot! Because we believe visuals can work so much better than words, especially if you’re not a big talker!
So if you haven’t done it so far, search us on socials and stay updated on free rose wallpapers and a heavenly selection of flower wallpapers. Yes, they are all gathered in our app and so handy if you have it installed on your jazzy phone.
Time should not be wasted, with your lady! Share a fabulous rose wallpaper with the one you’re head over heels with.

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