Drinks Wallpapers

Keen to have a satisfying drink wallpaper? That's great, we'd like to lure you with some delicious phone backgrounds art for iPhone and Android devices. Explore our rich collection of appealing food wallpapers with hundreds of free drinks wallpapers!
You can even make your own moving wallpapers by searching for free drinks wallpapers in our editor, and applying 3D and touch effects.
See which one you like best: a video drinking wallpaper or a photo?



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Love to watch water move or how someone pours a drink in slow motion? Shuffle a different drink wallpaper every day and relax while watching your phone. From thousands of food backgrounds, you will find your lucky drink wallpaper in no time. You can share it in-app with your friends who also enjoy a good-looking food background or other satisfying moving wallpapers.
Come for a virtual vodka on the rocks with us on socials and we’ll gift you the coolest drink wallpaper and food wallpapers you’ll need! We post a monthly video with redeem codes, so you can get to enjoy any free drinks wallpapers you crave for.


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