Easter Wallpapers

Desirous of free Easter wallpapers to add to your holy set of celebration decorations? Run our app and break the Easter eggs to find lots of 3D moving wallpapers pre-made or that you can make yourself in our phone backgrounds maker. This is our take on e-cards and hopefully your new way of sending good thoughts to your dear ones, through a happy background.
So let the Wave Bunny hand you a cute Easter background today! In the meantime, bunny kisses and may the digital space entice your senses with lots of free Easter wallpapers & happy wallpapers from the #wavesome crew!



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Easter is a holiday of the soul, we feel calm and enjoy the time spent with our friends and family. Capture those moments and make them live forever by uploading your photos to our wallpaper maker. Then work that magic wand to turn them into 3D moving wallpapers and happy wallpapers. That's how you can create great memories through unique live wallpapers and make them literally stick with you in your pocket. Share your cute Easter background with your dear ones, in-app.

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