Halloween Wallpapers

Have you screen-costumed your phone with a Halloween background? Get free Halloween wallpapers today or even cool 3D moving wallpapers that look like they’re about to jump out of your screen and scare your friends! Hop in the Halloween craze and make your own Halloween background with our phone backgrounds maker. Add text, layers, and parallax effects to take the spooky look to the next level and make it more fun for everyone.
When pumpkins gleam, may the spookiest screen be yours on Halloween!



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The creator of Sherlock Holmes once said: “Where there is no imagination, there is no horror”. And sometimes a simple happy background can not leave so much to imagine as a Halloween background.
We’re here to give you spooky moving wallpapers! So have you prepped your phone’s disguise for this Halloween? You'll be surprised what a great accessory your smartphone can be when trick or treating. Do it with a cool Halloween background by Wave!
Double, double freaks and trouble…
Super cool free Halloween wallpapers for your screen are available right now. So don’t wait ‘till midnight. Creep it real with fa-boo-lous Halloween wallpapers for your phone!

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