Couple Wallpapers

Hello, love bird! Are you in quest of matching wallpapers for couples? Discover your new favorite phone backgrounds right now with our app! We know love is different for each person and overused free couple wallpapers sometimes just won’t do. That’s why you can upload your own couple photos and add cool 3D depth to turn them into moving wallpapers. You can also add extra layers, patterns, stickers or even write something on them. Your fave couple love wallpapers are just 1 click away.
So every now and then, look down - you might have just received a love background!


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You can take photos with your partner and turn them into matching phone backgrounds! Then you can share your love wallpapers in-app, so your lovebird will have your gift couple wallpaper on screen! We even have funny couple wallpapers like the ones from the 'don't touch my phone' series we've designed. Make a prank, and see what's their reaction!
Send us lots of kisses on socials and keep track of the latest free couple wallpapers and matching phone backgrounds you can share with your partner.


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