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Looking to make the first step with an I love you wallpaper? These three magic words can take your relationship to the next level. Search through our rich collection of free I love you wallpapers, simple love wallpapers and 3D moving wallpapers to make your moment even cooler! If you haven’t said it yet, and you’re having doubts about how to do it, here’s a cute way! Run as quick as possible our app, search for ‘love’ and apply your fave I love you wallpaper. Turn on your iPhone or Android screen while you’re out together, and see your partner’s reaction!



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To make it more obvious, you can share an I love you wallpaper with the person you want, in-app. If you’re already in a relationship, set a nice memento on your phone with your own I love you photos, that you can turn into 3D moving wallpapers with our phone backgrounds maker. Create love wallpapers out of your I love you images in no time. It's never too late to express your feelings, but why wait longer when it's so easy to do it through our app? So every now and then, look down - someone might have just designed a love background for you!

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