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Searching for the perfect free mood wallpapers for your iPhone and Android? 
Change your moving wallpapers depending on your mood! If you’re feeling melancholic or enthusiastic, match your emotions with your screen. Or choose one that’s the opposite of how you’re feeling, so your free mood wallpapers will work as mood boosters!
After all, why listen to sad songs when you’re sad? Load happy mood pics and turn them into live wallpapers with 3D effects and touch effects.



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We’re always on a wild lookout for cool mood pics and all types of love wallpapers that can influence how we’re feeling. Ever watched a video or seen a photo that instantly made you feel better? You can have free mood wallpapers on your screen all the time.
Feel the vibes with us on socials and have revealed new love wallpapers that you’ll be in awe with!
So what are you waiting for to own your state of mind? Have a meet-cute with a love background on your phone and tell us all about it.

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