Live Love Wallpapers

When you need a spark of inspiration or maybe a gentle nudge to make you feel proud of your accomplishments and love who you are, set your mood with live love wallpapers that fit your phone screen. Browse our collection of love backgrounds and download them for free using our Wave Live Wallpapers app for Android or iOS. Upload your own wallpapers about love or other feelings with 3D and moving effects available in our app.

Best of Live Love Wallpapers

"Pink Heart Live Wallpaper with Cute Hearts"
See And Tweet Beauty Yearlong Live Wallpaper
"Woman and Child in Spiritual Sky Live Wallpaper"
"Heart and Key Live Wallpaper: Breathtaking Gold and Red Aesthetic Mix."
Heart Shaped Hands Live Wallpaper - Romantic love gesture
"Express Your Love I Love You Live Wallpaper"
Gesture Font Event Live Wallpaper
"Luminous Heart Live Wallpaper"
"Happy Gaming Toy Figurine Live Wallpaper"
Heart and Diamonds Live Wallpaper: Infinity Love
Shimmering Heart with Diamonds - Live Wallpaper
Facial Expression Cartoon Pink Live Wallpaper
Heart Glitter Live Wallpaper
Purple Organism Pink Live Wallpaper
Running Dog Live Wallpaper
Light Pink Red Live Wallpaper
"Turbulent Skies Live Wallpaper: Dramatic Plane Scenery"
Heart bouquet Live Wallpaper
Red Hearts and Stars Live Wallpaper - Colored Vector Mojo
"Glass Heart Live Wallpaper: Love is Forever"
Shiny Hearts Live Wallpaper
Red diamond heart live screen wallpaper.
Serial Doll Live Wallpaper
"Jesus in the Clouds Live Wallpaper with Rainbow"
"Glitter Heart Live Wallpaper: An Enchanting Golden and Green Display"
Colorful Cartoon Rainbow Live Wallpaper
Gold Heart Live Wallpaper depicting love in pop artigraphy
"Cute Snowman Live Wallpaper: Adorable Winter Art"
"Romantic Heart & Diamond Live Wallpaper for Phone"
"My Parents" Shirt Live Wallpaper
"Majestic Sky Clouds Live Wallpaper"
Red and Gold Hearts Live Wallpaper - Stunning Design!
Gesture Font Art Live Wallpaper
"Fluffy Pink Hearts Live Wallpaper - Dreamy design for your phone"
"Heart-Kissed Stars Live Wallpaper"
Birds on Heart Live Wallpaper
Font Electric Blue Magenta Live Wallpaper
"Winter Mother and Baby Live Wallpaper"
"Diamond Heart Live Wallpaper: Pink Romance"
"Pink Heart w/ Diamonds--Live Wallpaper/Mobile Screen"
Hello Kitty Close-up Live Wallpaper: Adorable Pink & Black Face
Human Body Font Gesture Live Wallpaper
Colorful Heart Glass Live Wallpaper
"Red Hearts on Wooden Table - Live Wallpaper"
Human Body Font Art Live Wallpaper
"Red Heart on Table Live Wallpaper: Love and Positivity"
clw_1679526719330 Live Wallpaper
"Mountain Starry Night Live Wallpaper"
"Red Glitter Heart Live Wallpaper for iPhone"
"Heart in the Clouds" Live Wallpaper

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