Universe Wallpapers

It’s a common belief that the universe works for us in mysterious ways. Some say greater things happen if you stay connected to its power. Have a daily reminder of this, with free universe wallpapers and 3D moving wallpapers that look as if they catch life on your screen!
Dig up free universe wallpapers in our app editor and make your own 3D moving wallpapers by applying parallax effects and layers. Hit apply and watch your screen glow with stars, constellations and planets. Shuffle more space wallpapers daily, and never get bored of the same screen.



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Still haven’t found the most sparkling universe themed phone background?
Jump on our socials and come by incredible moving wallpapers, free universe wallpapers, and one-of-a-kind 3D space wallpapers! We give lots of redeem codes on our socials, so you can wear any space background you want for free.
Karma has just carefully whispered in our ear, to tell you to take one universe background for each lucky day!

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