Space Live Wallpapers

Download high-quality space live wallpapers in HD and 4K of astronauts, nebulas, galaxies, planets, and other outer space images on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Immerse yourself in a surreal universe filled with planets, constellations, and deep space that perfectly fit your phone home and lock screens with animations and 3D designs. And, if you own photos or videos of outer space, transform them into mobile live wallpapers using our iOS or Android app. Download free!

Best of Space Live Wallpapers

Avengers Logo Live Wallpaper
Night Sky Live Wallpaper: Blue Light and Stars.
Anime & Sots Art Live Wallpaper for Phones - Featuring Goku,Manga & Anime Landscapes!
"Planet and Star Live Wallpaper with Trompeltonian features"
"Holographic Dragon Live Wallpaper Inspires an Artistic Awe"
Winter Inspirations Live Wallpaper
Atmosphere Light Nature Live Wallpaper
"Jesus in the Clouds Live Wallpaper with Rainbow"
"Fiery Fire Lion Live Wallpaper"
"Lonely Swing": Serene Moon Live Wallpaper
Atmosphere World Light Live Wallpaper
"Mesmerizing Wolf Under Full Moon – Live Wallpaper"
Full Moon Sky Live Wallpaper
Light Rainbow Nature Live Wallpaper
"Serene Night Sky & Aeroplane: Live Wallpaper"
"Cyberpunk Swordsman Live Wallpaper"
Whirling Blue Live Wallpaper
"Fierce Hulk with Green Smoke - Live Wallpaper"
"Vibrant Sun Live Wallpaper for Phone"
"All ove'all Sunset Live Wallpaper"
"Mountain Starry Night Live Wallpaper"
"Tranquil Ocean Sunset Live Wallpaper by Burdeny"
"Inspirational Sunset Boat Live Wallpaper"
"Super Saiyan Goku Live Wallpaper: Dragon Ball Anime"
Super Saiyan Goku in action Live Wallpaper
Atmosphere Sky Photograph Live Wallpaper
Kinetic Clockwork Mechanism Live Wallpaper
Sunset Boat by the Mountains Live Wallpaper
"Pokemon Pikachu Taking Over City Live Wallpaper"
"Blue Glitter Heart Live Wallpaper": Dazzling Smartphone Glam!
Romantic Sunset Live Wallpaper
Assassin's Creed White Armor Mobile Live wallpaper
Flying Anime Hero Live Wallpaper.
"Circular Holographic Live Wallpaper in Timeless Green-Cyan Hue"
"Magical Cellular Sparks Live Wallpaper"
Stunning Tree & Sunset Live Wallpaper
"Lotus Chakra Live Wallpaper: Harmonize Your Phone"
Atmosphere World Purple Live Wallpaper
"Starry Night Hearts Live Wallpaper"
Arabic Merry Christmas Live Wallpaper: Hurufiyya Sunset
"Dreamy Spirituality Live Wallpaper"
"Purple Heart in white spirits Live wallpaper"
Purple Electricity Line Live Wallpaper
"Multiverse Moon Phases Live Wallpaper"
Romantic Wooden Heart Live Wallpaper
Vertebrate Blue Green Live Wallpaper
Light Astronomical Object Art Live Wallpaper
Art Rainbow Lens Flare Live Wallpaper
Sleeve Organism Art Live Wallpaper
"Dynamic Dragon Ball Live Wallpaper: Goku's Epic Battle Energies"

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