Space Live Wallpapers

Download high-quality space live wallpapers in HD and 4K of astronauts, nebulas, galaxies, planets, and other outer space images on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Immerse yourself in a surreal universe filled with planets, constellations, and deep space that perfectly fit your phone home and lock screens with animations and 3D designs. And, if you own photos or videos of outer space, transform them into mobile live wallpapers using our iOS or Android app. Download free!

Best of Space Live Wallpapers

Grunge and Whimsical Live Wallpaper for Personalization
Azure Jaw Purple Live Wallpaper
Flash Photography Font Art Live Wallpaper
"Surreal Planet Live Wallpaper: Matte, Inter-galactics"
"Cross at Sunrise Live Wallpaper"
Cyberpunk-Inspired Live Wallpaper of Hoodie Person in Neon.
"Green-Smoking Helmet Live Wallpaper: Cyberpunk Fusion"
"Hanna Moon Bird" Live Wallpaper - Mesmerizing Romantic Scene
Water Painting Art Live Wallpaper
Cartoon Gesture Art Live Wallpaper
"Majestic Ocean Sunset Live Wallpaper"
Earth from Space Live Wallpaper
Sunset Ocean Waves Iconic Live Wallpaper
Light Lighting Architecture Live Wallpaper
Light Purple Organism Live Wallpaper
"Blue Heart Rose Vector Live Wallpaper"
"Planetary Space Live Wallpaper"
"Exploring the Vast: Out-of-This-World Live Wallpaper".
Colorful Unicorn & Bird Live Wallpaper - 4K, Moonbow
"Red Heart with Stars Live Wallpaper"
Vertebrate Blue Green Live Wallpaper
"Oceanwave Serenity Live Wallpaper"
Fire and Ice Battle Live Wallpaper for Phones
Light World Astronomical Object Live Wallpaper
"Galactic Wolf Live Wallpaper | Mesmerizing Cosmic Décor"
Painted Face Ultraviolet Live Wallpaper
Sleeve Cartoon Art Live Wallpaper
"Rocket Lift-Off Live Wallpaper"
Atmosphere World Astronomical Object Live Wallpaper
"Striking Statue Live Wallpaper"
"Heroic Iron Man Live Wallpaper"
"Fantasy Building Escape Live Wallpaper"
Cartoon Blue Azure Live Wallpaper
"Ocean Sunset Live Wallpaper: Calming Waves & Gorgeous Scene"
"Lilo & Stitch Inspired Cartoon Live Wallpaper"
Venom Face Vector Plate Live Wallpaper -HD.xaml
"Get Sandscape: Full Moon Live Wallpaper"
Space view of Earth and moon inviting glowing crack Live Wallpaper
"Spectacular Dragon Ball Goku Live Wallpaper"
Art City Space Live Wallpaper
"Night Scene with Moving Boat Live Wallpaper"
"Enigmatic Red-Eyed Live Wallpaper with Begas Blue Fire"
Neon Video Game Live Wallpaper
Plant Green Sky Live Wallpaper
Fire Biker Live Wallpaper - Marvel Inspired
Light World Nature Live Wallpaper
Art Electric Blue Space Live Wallpaper
"Spider-Man with Cobra - Marvel Live Wallpaper"
"Sunset at Lake: Serene Live Wallpaper"
"Solo Surf at Sunrise Live Wallpaper"

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