Tech Wallpapers

All is allowed in the geeky tech wallpapers world. Here's where cyberpunk 3D backgrounds meet motherboard wallpapers, and they give you the nerdy mood that you're looking for. Say hello to an in-depth 3D view and see these free phone backgrounds moving along with the motion of your device, thanks to the built-in gyroscope.
Our wavesome tech wallpapers are made from unique designs. Besides waking up your screen, they will make YOU look cooler. Still geeky, but keeping up the trends, and having your fav 3d backgrounds on your iPhone and Android.

The most loved and downloaded from our app are the 3D tech wallpapers. They're popular because they're so surreal and will give a dimensional perspective to your ordinary phone screen.
If you're passionate about technology, don't just pick any basic free phone backgrounds that look like notepapers on your iPhone and Android. Go big and choose your EPIC sci-fi wallpaper made by 3D artists with new aesthetic trends in mind.
Whatever your cool mood is, we sure have a wallpaper switch to turn it on. So boost your mood now by changing your screen look from meh to WAVESOME!

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