Wolf Wallpapers

Step into the fascinating universe of free wolf wallpapers. If you’re into cute animal wallpapers, you can pick a galaxy wolf wallpaper or any other delightful animal background on your phone. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?
You can make your own cute animal wallpapers or create a galaxy wolf wallpaper with our in-app phone backgrounds creator. 
Fierce-moving beasts are anxiously waiting for you to pin them on your screen. With this collection, we’re sending a long AUUUU to the ones looking for free wolf wallpapers and we are inviting you to join the pack!


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The wolf is a symbol of protection, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. They can form strong emotional attachments quickly and must often rely on their intuition. So trust your intuition and pick a magnificent wolf for your home screen & lock screen!
Our moving wallpapers are here to scare the ones who want to touch your phone! Keep them away in the coolest way with a galaxy wolf wallpaper or any scary animal background you like. They are all free to download!
Remember. Be different, be cool, be #wavesome!

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