Moving Live Wallpapers

All the moving wallpapers are free and ready to jazz up your phone. Are you in the mood to bring the wow factor to your wavesome phone screen? Whether you rotate your screen with animated parallax wallpapers or double-tap to change your HD live wallpaper, you’re in for a visual treat! Download and explore our rich collection of 4K designs, ranging from funny and happy, through cute and girly, right down to trippy and creepy moving wallpapers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set a moving wallpaper on my phone?

To set a moving wallpaper on your phone, download the Wave Live Wallpapers Maker 3D app. Next, browse our gallery or upload a video from your phone that you'd want on your phone's home screen or lock screen. Just a few taps and bingo! Your moving wallpaper is live.>/p>

What app makes your wallpaper move?

The best app for making your wallpaper move is Wave Live Wallpapers, and not because it's ours. Oh, no! Over 10 million downloads and positive reviews from our users prove it. Download it for free and try it yourself!

Can I set a video as a moving wallpaper?

Yes. With the Wave Live Wallpapers app, you can easily set a video as a moving wallpaper. We have an app version for both Android and iPhone users. You can upload your own videos within our app and put them on your phone's home screen and lock screen within a few taps. And you can add special effects to your video.

Do moving wallpapers drain battery life?

Our moving wallpapers stop when the phone screen is off or while you’re using another app. It consumes as much battery as a standard video in play mode.

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