3D Wallpapers

Download spectacular 3D wallpapers to your iPhone or Android phone in stunning HD and 4K image quality. Discover static 3D and live 3D wallpapers within our collection and add them to your phone's home and lock screens with just a few taps. Download for free and enjoy an authentic 3D experience now!

Orange Toy Felidae Live Wallpaper
Concert Microphone Musical Instrument Live Wallpaper
Black & Gold Happy New Year Live Wallpaper | Glitter Glow Reasonance
"Dark Blue Racing Car Live Wallpaper | Motorsports Phone Background"
Clothing Plant People In Nature Live Wallpaper
Leng Mei-Inspired Live Wallpaper in PUBG Style
Pollinator Insect Light Live Wallpaper
Fiery Power Live Wallpaper
"Fantasy Tiger and Goldfish Live Wallpaper"
clw_1663862170420 Live Wallpaper
"Nissan GT-R Night Drive Live Wallpaper"
Grille Automotive Tire Automotive Design Live Wallpaper
"Toy in the Grass: Live Wallpaper with Pokémon"
White Light Art Live Wallpaper
Black Sports Car at Sunset, Driving Down Desert - Live Wallpaper
Amber Orange Fire Live Wallpaper
Sharks of the Deep Live Wallpaper
Disney-Inspired Castle Live Wallpaper: Enhanced by Fairy Lights!
clw_1651550730147 Live Wallpaper
"Iron Man Chrome Live Wallpaper"
Liquid Organism Water Live Wallpaper
Majestic Wolf by Tree Live Wallpaper
Lighting Performing Arts Entertainment Live Wallpaper
"Gears within an exciting-live-wallpaper backdrop"
Car Vehicle Sky Live Wallpaper
Rainbow Heart Live Wallpaper with Red/Black/Gold Color Scheme & Fireflies
"Rebel Attitude Live Wallpaper Image"
"Phoenix Rising: Fiery Live Wallpaper"
Flaming Tiger Live Wallpaper.Eye-catching artwork of a tiger in flames. Perfect avatar image.
"Glamorous Red Rose Live Wallpaper"
"Lion Majesty in Enchanted Forest Live Wallpaper"
"Blue Sports Car Live Wallpaper: Luxury on your Screen"
Entertainment Performing Arts Art Live Wallpaper
Light Musical Instrument Guitar Accessory Live Wallpaper
"Fiery Fox Head Live Wallpaper: Burn Bright on Your Phone"
"Abstract Spiritual Pink Live Wallpaper"
Young Vegeta Flies with Blue Water Background: Live Wallpaper
White Black Human Body Live Wallpaper
Light Smile Umbrella Live Wallpaper
Light Purple Organism Live Wallpaper
"Black Hand Grenade on Keyboard - Live Wallpaper"
Car Vehicle Wheel Live Wallpaper
"Spark joy with Jazzy Characters Live Wallpaper"
Water Vertebrate Blue Live Wallpaper
Water Vertebrate Natural Environment Live Wallpaper
Mysterious Hoodie Avatar Live Wallpaper.
Monochrome Space Triangle Live Wallpaper
Glowing Green-Eyed Skeleton, Creepy Live Wallpaper.
Shorts Sports Equipment Jersey Live Wallpaper
Green Smile Temple Live Wallpaper

You can easily apply a 3D wallpaper on your phone using our Android or iOS wallpaper app. With our in-app wallpaper maker, you can also turn your phone photos into 3D wallpapers.

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